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CADILLAC Bolt patterns or Stud Patterns

Here You will find CADILLAC Bolt Patterns or Buick Stud Pattern.

ALLANTE 87-93 15×6 5×115 12×1.5 70.3 H
BROUGHAM FWD 85-UP 14×6 5×115 12×1.5 70.3 H
CATERA 96-02 16×6.5 5×110 12×1.5 65.1 H
CIMMARON 81-88 13×5.5 5×100 12×1.5 57.1 H
CTS 03-UP 15×6 5×115 12×1.5 70.3 H
CTS Type-V 04-UP 15X6 6×115 12×1.5 78.3 H
DEVILLE 85-UP 15×6 5×115 12×1.5 70.3 H
ELDORADO 79-85 15×7 5×120.7 12×1.5 70.3 L
ELDORADO 86-UP 16×7 5×115 12×1.5 70.3 H
FLEETWOOD FWD 85-93 14×6 5×115 12×1.5 70.3 H
FLEETWOOD 86-96 15×7 5×127 12×1.5 78.3 L
DEVILLE & DTS 93-UP 15×6 5×115 12×1.5 70.3 H
SEVILLE 76-80 15×7 5×120.7 12×1.5 70.3 M
SEVILLE & STS 86-UP 14×6 5×115 12×1.5 70.3 H
XLR 03-UP   5×120.65 12×1.5 70.3 H
ESCALADE, EXT & ESV 98-UP 17×8 6×139.7 14×1.5 78.3 M
SRX 04-UP   6×115 12×1.5 70.3 H

At , you will fine lots of info about your wheels , rims .
You will fine bolt pattern. you will find stud pattern. you will find information about the wheels and rims on your car.
you can also find the information about your lug nuts, CB ( Center Bore ) or Center hole and offset of your rim. Most rims are interchangeable from one car to another car.
To find out you need to compare your bolt pattern with the bolt pattern of the wheel you have on hand. Sometimes its difficult to find out about the specific information about the rims if you only have the wheels but no stud or bold pattern information . i used to take my rim to a junk yard and try one on a different wheel hub with off course with calipers on the rims. Then i recorded the make, model and year of the car and was looking for the wheel information about that rims. That way i was finding my car's bold pattern. Now I am quite used to recognizing the stud pattern. Its my eyes that do the magic. i can easily tell if a rim will fit a car or not.
Its a couple factor that really decide if a rim will fit into a car.

Bold pattern | Stud pattern :
Used to describe the amount of lugs your car, or wheels, have, and also the measurement in between them.
For example, 5x4.5 This would be 5 lugs, spaced 4.5" across.
Also measure in mm, for example 5x114.3. 5 lugs, spaced 114.3 mm apart. 5x4.5 = 5x114.3

CB (Center Bore or Center Hole ) :
The centerbore of a wheel is the size of the hole in the back of the wheel that centers it over the mounting hub of the car.
Some factory wheels have a centerbore that matches exactly with the hub to reduce vibration by keeping the wheel centered. Wheels with the correct centerbore to the car they will be mounted on are known as hubcentric. Hubcentric wheels take the stress off the lug nuts, reducing the job of the lug nuts to center the wheel to the car.
Wheels that are not hubcentric are known as lugcentric, as the job of centering is done by the lug nuts assuming they are properly torqued down. Centerbore on aftermarket wheels must be equal to or greater than that of the hub, otherwise the wheel cannot be mounted on the car.
Many aftermarket wheels come with "hubcentric rings" that lock or slide into the back of the wheel to adapt a wheel with a larger centerbore to a smaller hub.[3] These adapters are usually made of plastic but also in aluminum. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Offset :
Offset is the measurement of where the mounting surface of the wheel is (where the bolt holes are), compared to the centerline of the wheel. Usually referred to as negative, positive, or zero offset or Low, Medium or High. other property of the wheels are also effective in deciding to purchase a rim for your car but basically i found the above properties most important.
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